The FocalPursuit platform is designed to help professionals attain unprecedented access to pragmatic information, which today is characteristically obtained by hand from the public domain and which is generally applied for scientific research, competitive/market intelligence and for marketing research purposes. It is both a product and a process, blending human-based inference with a hybrid combination of semi supervised information retrieval and indexing methods, creating a highly focused “search platform” capable of carrying out a comprehensive identification and verification of specific sources of interdependent data in a mere fraction of the time it would take to manually identify, verify, capture and harvest such information. 

The innovation classifies and structures information by plotting associations among disparate sources of data located in the public domain, creating an organic, interdependent relationship map between the whole  its parts. The core engine is based on an information extraction process that applies a propriety method of ontology analysis with guided knowledge base-extracts. 


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